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Applying stucco and stones is no do-it-yourself job. Incorrect application may lead to cracks and damages that will require repair further down the line. You need the expertise of Rivera Plastering & Stone, Inc and our special multi-step process:

  • Research and Prep: Stucco should only be applied under certain conditions. If the temperature outside is too hot, the stucco mix will crack and dry. If the weather is too cold, the mix won't spread properly. We'll ensure that the procedure is only done under proper conditions. Once the ideal temperature is determined, we'll lay down the necessary materials.
  • Layering: Stucco cement requires three full layers.
  • - The first layer is called the scratch coat and is the foundation for your stucco siding. We take great care of this layer.
  • - The second layer is known as the brown coat. This is a slightly thinner layer and is applied smoothly.
  • - The third layer is the final layer. We apply this using a trowel and finish with your desired pattern.
  • Clean-up: After your new stucco material has finished drying, we finish the job by removing our tools and materials. We always leave your property neat and tidy.

If you think stucco is right for your home, don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to answer any questions you might have and give you an estimated cost.



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Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair

More Info

Stucco – Want to improve your walls and protect them from weather elements? Stucco will do that. Stucco has been used to decorate homes for a long time. In fact, some early forms of stucco date back to ancient Greek and Egyptian times. In those days stucco was made from a combination of limestone, water, and sand, but today we use a modern mixture involving cement. Stucco is popular with homeowners today for many reasons including:

Installation –

  • Durability: Stucco siding is tough, long-lasting and can outlast the elements. It's a great way to protect your home from snow, rain, and other damaging forms of weather.
  • Low-Maintenance: Once it's been installed, stucco requires little to no upkeep. There's no need to constantly re-apply or re-finish. You'll save time and money.

Interior, Exterior, and more– We know everything from traditional to synthetic stucco, and the best methods for application. We're a team of fully trained professionals with the necessary experience in applying stucco material. Whether you're a newbie to stucco or you're already familiar with the product, we'll give you the service you want. We'll work with you to assess your personal needs and offer advice, feedback, and suggestions. When it comes to you and your stucco needs, we're the experts for the job.

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Here at Rivera Plastering & Stone, Inc, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients by delivering quality work, on time and within budget. Simply put, your satisfaction is important to us. Our day isn't done until you are completely satisfied with our work. We invite you to explore our website and give us a call if you have any questions. With competitive pricing and superior customer service, we're sure you'll be happy when you choose to go with the pros at Rivera Plastering & Stone, Inc.


5 Stars

Much of our stucco home experienced hail damage from a recent storm. Only the north side escaped damage - it had acrylic stucco applied just prior to our purchase of the home 4 years ago. We had 4 contractors provide estimates to repair the damage. 3 specialized in elastomeric coatings and each recommended two coats of elastomeric coating on all four sides – including the north side which was undamaged. The last estimate was the stucco contractor who had done the previous work on the north side, Rivera Plastering & Stone. Arturo recommended repairing the damaged stucco and applying two coats of acrylic stucco to the 3 sides with hail damage. He argued acrylic stucco was a superior product and longer lasting than elastomeric coatings. His price was also lower than all 3 of the elastomeric companies. We’re very happy with the texture and color which matches the north side perfectly. The crew did a great job in protecting our windows, doors and landscape and cleaning up afterwards. If you’re looking for stucco repair I highly recommend Rivera Plastering & Stone.
- J Brady

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